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Welcome Vicky Micklem

We would like to warmly welcome Vicky Micklem  to the Wellbeing Clinic team.

Vicky is a qualified Health Kinesiology practitioner supporting clients to be able to move forward in life with a new sense of self-awareness, feeling empowered, grounded and re-connected. She started her HK training in February 2011 and qualified 2.5 years later. her integrative approach embraces different types of Kinesiology with a healing touch.

She is happy to share with you the tools to communicate with those parts of yourself which need to be heard. Bio-energetic reading based on Muscle testing and the art of verbal questioning which she finds as most effective way of accessing the deep body wisdom, while finding the key to the underlying problem.

Vicky will be working on Fridays.

To book an appointment please call the clinic on 01865 751111 or book online


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