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Aromatherapy for cold-weather ailments

Essential oils really come into their own as a real aid to cold-weather ailments.

Essential oils to boost the immune system
As the temperatures change and Autumn turns to Winter and later on when temperatures plummet (if predictions are correct we might have the coldest temperatures for five years in the winter of 2017) we respond in several ways including being prone to colds, flu and the like and any pre-existing conditions we have can become worse.
Here are some common health issues arising from our bodies responses to the colder temperatures and ways in which aromatherapy could help –

1. Firstly and very simply, aromatherapy massage can boost the immune system where specially selected essential oils are used with often quite dramatic effect.
For example, it has now been categorically proven that tea tree oil when applied to the body “promotes the production of leukocytes” so in other words, our army of white blood cells (leukocytes) that, if we have a high enough count, rush to attack any pathogen, be it virus/bacteria/fungus, will be greatly built up just by the addition of tea-tree oil in a massage.
Many other oils are specifically anti-fungal and most are bactericidal to some extent.

2. For those who suffer from mucus imbalances / congestion / sinusitis etc. there are a group / range of oils that balance the mucus production whilst delivering bactericidal components to give that extra protection.

3. Our extremities (feet and hands) can often really suffer with biting winds and the cold and for some of us we have the extra suffering that comes with inherited conditions such as Reynaud’s Disease where our arteries narrow to reduce blood flow – most common in the hands and feet but sometimes also affecting the nose, lips and ears,
I use oils that are primarily vasodilatory in order to open up the capillaries and therefore analgesic, assist circulation. I can make up a cream also containing the same oils I would use in a massage to be applied four times a day. It would include oils to decongest, repair fragile skin, balance the endocrine system, increase oxygenation to the body’s cells and detoxify, repair and nourish the skin.

4. Colds and Hots
Some essential oils are warming notably ginger, black pepper, clove and I often use these oils on arthritic joints which often get stiffer in the colder months and when one’s immune system is low to fend off a shivery cold. I also do find occasion to use some of the cooling oils also ie lemon, peppermint and rose when someone is overly-hot before the onset of a sweating-type cold.

5. Everything else from stuffed up noses, chilblains, the list of winter ailments is never-ending.

Do come and visit soon to get set to ward off the winter blues with a super individually targeted aromatherapy massage. Call 01865 751111.

Written by
Kendra Kirkham Dip HAF Aromatherapist / Masseuse at The Wellbeing Clinic.

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