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The Benefits of Massage in Hot Weather

Your muscle function is impaired during spell of intense heat – along with energy levels, sluggishness, sleep etc….
Whether you work hard, play hard or BOTH you are most certainly working your muscles hard and you need to make sure they are working effectively.

What do our muscles need in order to function properly?
Our muscles tissue requires plenty of fluids, as well as good nutrition to enable them to function properly. Lack of the correct nutrients and liquids can easily lead to muscle spasms and sprains. In extreme temperatures this becomes more difficult as people do tend to not drink enough.

What muscle problems can occur in hot weather?
When we work or exercise hard, our muscles build up lactic acid, this is normal, but often it can become lodged within the muscles fibers and tissues which is what causes spasms or strains to occur, it can shorten our range of motion as well as creating what people call “Knots” in the muscles. These pockets of lactic acid if not dealt with, can become more toxic to the body.
These “knots” are referred to professionally as “nodules” which form on the muscle fibres when the muscle goes into a state of semi-permanent contraction. it can be a very painful experience as you will know if you have ever experienced this.

What can a professional massage do for you?
A professional massage therapist will apply a range of techniques to your muscles to release the areas of the muscle which are thus contracting. This will help with the removal of metabolic waste which will in turn increase muscle tone and help to restore the muscles to full functionality.


Who can benefit most from massage / aromatherapy in hot weather?
Everyone can benefit – Stress levels increase during extreme temperatures along with sluggishness and of course, massage and aromatherapy massage can also help with relieving these. This can lead to headaches which massage will help to with. Your sleep pattern will automatically then be improved which will then clear your thinking and concentration.
Massage also releases important feel-good chemicals in the brain – namely endorphins and dopamine helping our sense of wellbeing, and for some people this can be essential, especially if you suffer from depression.
If you are in the mid to late stages of pregnancy you may be experiencing swelling in your legs (Lymphedema) the heat affects our lymphatic system as it has not got its own pump, massage can help reduce this swelling and help us feel less sluggish.
If you opt for an aromatherapy massage then your therapist can use a range of essential oils with beneficial properties such as astringent to help drainage / excess fluids and toning for the muscle tissue, analgesic for pain relief, cooling oils to take heat away and much more.


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