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Democrats hoping to provide free acupuncture to veterans. Evidence proves benefits!

Exciting news!

An American politician has just submitted a bill to make acupuncture available in veterans’ health centres. Representative Judy Chu, a democrat of California, introduced the bill called, ‘Acupuncture for Our Heroes Act’.

Chu said she had seen the effectiveness of acupuncture and noted that it was a safe and non-addictive alternative to opiate based pain relief. This is a particularly important point as drug addiction in the veteran population is a huge issue, with roughly 68,000 veterans addicted between 2010-2015. This is of especial concern given that a suggested that 81.5% of veterans seeking medical treatment had some form of chronic pain.

The pain reducing effects of acupuncture have been well researched and, at least for some conditions, conclusively proven (see my previous blogs for a bit more information on this, here and here). The mechanisms of acupuncture’s pain relieving effects are also starting to be understood. One way to illustrate this is to imagine a trauma; a cut or bruise. When this occurs, the immune system floods the area to try and heal it, reduce pain, prevent infection, etc. in this sense, acupuncture can be seen as a micro trauma, reminding the immune system that there is an issue in this area and stimulating an immune response to help it heal.

There are now policy bodies around the world recommending acupuncture for a wide variety of pain conditions. So it is very exciting to see legislation being proposed in such a large western country. Hopefully others will follow!

Written by our talented Joe Jennings – Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner.

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