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‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’

In 2017 an ounce of prevention is worth a whole lot more than a pound of cure. “People are beginning to realise that it is cheaper and more advantageous to prevent disease rather than to cure it.” – Henry Lindlahr (1862- 1924) The effects of a fast burning lifestyle today can last a lifetime? Preventative […]

Facial Reflexology with Facelift Massage

If you’d like to feel relaxed, and look radiant as well, the combination of facial reflexology with facelift massage is definitely worth a try! Facial Reflexology is a delightful treatment that can improve skin tone, and help the face both feel and look smoother and younger with a healthy glow. And when combined with facelift […]

Aromatherapy for cold-weather ailments

Essential oils really come into their own as a real aid to cold-weather ailments. Essential oils to boost the immune system As the temperatures change and Autumn turns to Winter and later on when temperatures plummet (if predictions are correct we might have the coldest temperatures for five years in the winter of 2017) we […]

Benefits of acupuncture last a year!

  A powerful study has been published showing that 90% of the benefits of acupuncture would last a year! This evidence has been extracted from a huge data-set amassed by a team at York University headed up by Hugh MacPherson. It includes nearly 18,000 patients from 29 clinical trials that focus on back pain, neck […]

Plan A

  Are you heading towards a healthy future……Ready or not! We all appreciate that the NHS can no longer sustain the encroaching pull on its resources, and as we age, we will need to become more and more self-reliant. So here is a little plan of action my ‘Plan A’, which might offer some respite […]

The Paleo Diet …..Continued

The evidence You don’t have to go far to read many differing opinions on the Paleo diet. This article is not exhaustive but hopefully gives a glimmer of where science and popular opinion meet. The popular view is most people would benefit from a Paleo diet rich in plant and protein, but this could be […]

The Paleo diet – A step towards real food.

 Paleo is the term given to how humans lived many centuries ago, food typically consisted of; berries, nuts and lean meat. At a time when grains and processed foods didn’t exist, the Paleo eating principally evolved around whole foods including meat and plants. We will look at fruits and nuts on this blog and cover […]

Democrats hoping to provide free acupuncture to veterans. Evidence proves benefits!

Exciting news! An American politician has just submitted a bill to make acupuncture available in veterans’ health centres. Representative Judy Chu, a democrat of California, introduced the bill called, ‘Acupuncture for Our Heroes Act’. Chu said she had seen the effectiveness of acupuncture and noted that it was a safe and non-addictive alternative to opiate […]


  by Silvie Hylton-Potts   What is Cranio-Sacral Therapy? Cranio-Sacral Therapy is an extremely gentle yet powerful form of healing, in which the practitioner uses gentle touch to ‘tune in’ to the different structures of the client’s body in order to determine any areas of tension, restriction, misalignment or unresolved injury which may be showing […]