Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Welcome Kate Macalister

We would like to warmly welcome Kate Macalister to the Wellbeing Clinic team. Kate gained a First Class Honours degree in Acupuncture from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, where she studied Five Element and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture, along with dry needling and conventional medicine.  She completed her dissertation research on […]

Welcome Vicky Micklem

We would like to warmly welcome Vicky Micklem  to the Wellbeing Clinic team. Vicky is a qualified Health Kinesiology practitioner supporting clients to be able to move forward in life with a new sense of self-awareness, feeling empowered, grounded and re-connected. She started her HK training in February 2011 and qualified 2.5 years later. her […]

What are the Causes of ‘Allergies’ and why Health Kinesiology can help?

Did you know that Health Kinesiology can blindly ‘put a finger on’, and ‘fix’ a substance sensitivity, a culprit of a symptom commonly not identified as or being linked with ‘allergic’ reaction? How is it done? Firstly by identifying then retuning the body to the state of stasis with the substance as a trigger, thus […]

NEW!! Massage Courses

Massage Courses at the Wellbeing Clinic We are really pleased to be running a series of quality workshops at the Wellbeing Clinic at the week-ends with Kendra Kirkham who has been working from the clinic for many years as well as working at endurance events as part of the Athlete’s Angels team. Kendra will be […]

Acupuncture for sciatica

What is sciatica Sciatica is a condition involving inflammation or impingement of the nerve root in the lower back. It causes unilateral leg pain that can descend to the knee or even foot and is often shooting in nature. It can also cause numbness and weakness in the leg in extreme cases. It is estimated […]

Mothering Sunday

With Mother’s day just around the corner why not treat her to a relaxing treatment. A relaxing massage, facial, Indian head massage or Reflexology – we have lots of different treatments to help Mum feel relaxed and pampered. We also have gift vouchers and beautifully fragrant Argan oil products making the perfect gift. To make […]

Vitamin D – The sunshine pill!

According to an NHS review (published in the British Medical Journal 2016) on the effects of supplementing with Vitamin D, it found the Vitamin is not necessarily beneficial for all sectors of society. Further-more the use of Vitamin D supplements has not been proven to make a big a difference outside of those groups considered […]

Welcome Georgia Rugg-Easey

We would like to warmly welcome Georgia Rugg-Easey to the Wellbeing team. Georgia is a warm, enthusiastic and forward-thinking Acupuncturist. She completed extensive training in York where she received her BSc degree in Acupuncture. Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) style Acupuncture, Georgia also recognises the importance of modern techniques and research to influence her […]

My hopes and predictions for acupuncture for 2018

As you will of seen from my other blogs acupuncture has been getting more and more acceptance, more and more research and more and more understanding, which is great! However, there is still a long way to go. While acupuncture is being recommended for more conditions, by more health institutions and being added to more […]