Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Welcome Georgia Rugg-Easey

We would like to warmly welcome Georgia Rugg-Easey to the Wellbeing team. Georgia is a warm, enthusiastic and forward-thinking Acupuncturist. She completed extensive training in York where she received her BSc degree in Acupuncture. Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) style Acupuncture, Georgia also recognises the importance of modern techniques and research to influence her […]

My hopes and predictions for acupuncture for 2018

As you will of seen from my other blogs acupuncture has been getting more and more acceptance, more and more research and more and more understanding, which is great! However, there is still a long way to go. While acupuncture is being recommended for more conditions, by more health institutions and being added to more […]

Christmas Opening hours 2017

Saturday 23rd December we will be open as normal. 9 – 2. We will be closed Christmas day through until we reopen on Tuesday 2nd January. We at the Wellbeing Clinic wish you a wonderful Christmas and Happy new Year.

‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’

In 2017 an ounce of prevention is worth a whole lot more than a pound of cure. “People are beginning to realise that it is cheaper and more advantageous to prevent disease rather than to cure it.” – Henry Lindlahr (1862- 1924) The effects of a fast burning lifestyle today can last a lifetime? Preventative […]

Facial Reflexology with Facelift Massage

If you’d like to feel relaxed, and look radiant as well, the combination of facial reflexology with facelift massage is definitely worth a try! Facial Reflexology is a delightful treatment that can improve skin tone, and help the face both feel and look smoother and younger with a healthy glow. And when combined with facelift […]

Aromatherapy for cold-weather ailments

Essential oils really come into their own as a real aid to cold-weather ailments. Essential oils to boost the immune system As the temperatures change and Autumn turns to Winter and later on when temperatures plummet (if predictions are correct we might have the coldest temperatures for five years in the winter of 2017) we […]

Benefits of acupuncture last a year!

  A powerful study has been published showing that 90% of the benefits of acupuncture would last a year! This evidence has been extracted from a huge data-set amassed by a team at York University headed up by Hugh MacPherson. It includes nearly 18,000 patients from 29 clinical trials that focus on back pain, neck […]

Plan A

  Are you heading towards a healthy future……Ready or not! We all appreciate that the NHS can no longer sustain the encroaching pull on its resources, and as we age, we will need to become more and more self-reliant. So here is a little plan of action my ‘Plan A’, which might offer some respite […]