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The Paleo diet – A step towards real food.

 Paleo is the term given to how humans lived many centuries ago, food typically consisted of; berries, nuts and lean meat. At a time when grains and processed foods didn’t exist, the Paleo eating principally evolved around whole foods including meat and plants. We will look at fruits and nuts on this blog and cover meat next time.

One golden rule with fruit Try not to overdo the volume of fruit to veg in a Juicer. A typical ratio of 70/30 Veg to fruit is ideal as this way you avoid sugar rushes which mess around with your blood sugar if repeated over a period of time.

Some healthy alternatives to so called whole wheat flour!

Don’t be fooled by products that claim to be whole wheat. In some countries, whole wheat products contain nothing more than white flour with some bran added back in. The whole grain is not used and it’s processed the same way as barren white flour. Alternatives can be found just a few clicks away on the google search engine.

 Replace grain flour: Use Coconut and almond flour, there are hundreds of recipes available online to help give variety to your meals and promote a longer healthier lifestyle.

For the serious natural food fiends out there! Soak and sprout & seeds and grind into flour: Nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors that stop them from sprouting too early. This works out in nature, but for us, when enzymes are blocked, we can’t make use of them. Sprouting: Sprouting increases the total nutrient density of a food. Why soakSoaking releases the enzyme inhibitors so they help us digest these foods. It also neutralizes phytic acid, a component of plant fibre in grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds that reduces mineral absorption. Happy summer holidays. Sarah Couchman ND BSc D.O. Registered Naturopath; The Wellbeing Clinic Oxford.

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