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Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a gentle and respected way of looking after ourselves in life and changing some of those things we feel stuck with, such as backache, headaches, Repetitive Strain Injury, poor posture, anxiety and stress.

It teaches us to change our habits and reactions in order to improve our health and wellbeing.

Medical trials in conjunction with the BMA have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique for back pain, neck and shoulder pain and other issues in both the short and long term.

For over a century the Technique has benefited people from many walks of life. It can increase our effectiveness in the workplace amongst our colleagues or in our interaction with the public, in the performing arts and sports as well as at home at the computer or the ironing board, when driving the car or pushing a pushchair or wheelchair. It enhances and maintains our balance and mobility at all stages of life. It can be very helpful for those of us living with long term debilitating disease.

The Technique is taught in individual lessons: the teacher uses words and touch to give the student a new experience of ordinary everyday activities such as sitting, standing and walking. Through the lessons students acquire skills that they can bring to every activity and every area of life to increase their sense of wellbeing, lightness, clarity and effectiveness.

Students say

I feel calmer, more confident and self- reliant

I’m less troubled by pain

I’m performing better at sport

There can be too many words….the Alexander Technique reaches places beyond words

As a scientist I would never have believed that the Alexander Technique could make such a difference to me