Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Back, Muscle & Joint Pain Treatment

When we are suffering with pain in our body there can be many causes and it is hard to know which treatment might be best. Sometimes we can be greatly helped by having regular massages if the pain is caused by stress, tension or inflammation in our muscles.

We have excellent massage therapists at the clinic. For a relaxing and muscle-easing experience book to see Kendra Kirkham or Susan Scott for an Aromatherapy Massage or Hot Stone Massage (Susan only).

For a deeper massage book to see Claire Niala, Clare Hudson and Sophie Bower for a Sports Massage or Edit Fahey for acupressure Massage and Nilam Limbu  for deep tissue Massage.

We are aware that there may be something more structural going on and that something may be misaligned, for example after an accident or from exercise and exertion. If this is the case then it is a good idea to see someone who knows about structural realignment of the body. We have two excellent body-work practitioners at the clinic: Sarah Couchman and Mara Wilkes.


For Acupuncture alone see Claudia SmithDr Li, Jenny Tune and Joe Jennings.