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Counselling and Psychotherapy


The term counselling is sometimes used to refer to all types of talking therapy, but it is also a type of therapy itself.

Counselling involves talking to a trained counsellor in confidence about how you feel about yourself and your situation. The counsellor will listen and help you understand your problem. They will also work with you to find ways to deal with the problem better. Counselling is usually a form of short-term therapy.


Like counselling, psychotherapy is also sometimes used as a general term for psychological therapies. There is no clear definition of the difference between psychotherapy and counselling. However, the UK Council for Psychotherapy considers psychotherapy to be more in-depth than counselling and able to address a wider range of issues.

During psychotherapy, a therapist will help you consider how your personality and life experiences influence your current thoughts, feelings, relationships and behaviour. This understanding will enable you to deal with difficult situations more successfully.