Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Crystal Therapy

We are all made up of electro-magnetic and vibrational frequencies that form an energy field, sometimes called an aura. This field responds to other vibrations it comes into contact with, like those of crystals. Scientifically, each crystal has an internal atomic structure and chemical composition. But they have grown deep within the earth for millions of years, picking up lots of energy over time. This energy resonates with our own, helping to shift blocked energy and tension and access the sources of trauma.

All crystals are different and even two crystals of the same type may not feel the same. By tuning in to the client a Crystal Therapist finds out what their system needs most and then gets a feel for which crystals will best work at that time. In this way, the client receives only the treatment that is most appropriate for them at that moment.

Crystals are then placed on or around the body and monitored throughout to ensure maximum safety and comfort for her client. This is a gentle yet effective therapy that will have you coming back for more.