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Fertile Body Method

The Fertile Body Method is a holistic mind body approach to health and fertility. Mind-body medicine recognizes that our bodies and minds are not separate entities and are in constant communication. Our minds have an effect on our bodies, and our bodies have an effect on our minds.

How can the Fertile Body Method help?

Enhance fertility: The Fertile Body Method utilizes the natural state of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to facilitate inner change, restore balance and enhance fertility. By using the power of your mind and utilizing the mind-body connection, the Fertile Body Method can support you to achieve your optimal fertile state. This gives you the very best chance of conceiving whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF/ART.

Address and reduce how infertility affects your life: The Fertile Body Method can support you to address and reduce the negative effects of fertility problems on your life. When experiencing difficulties in conceiving it is not uncommon to experience a reduced sense of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and to feel stressed, frustrated, angry, jealous, guilty, hopeless, anxious or depressed. The Fertile Body Method uses solution-focused hypnotherapy and mind-body techniques to support you to work through powerful emotions and restore balance.

What can the Fertile Body Method help with?

The Fertile Body Method can support you at any stage of your fertility journey:

Prepare for conception:

The Fertile Body Method offers personalised treatment programs tailored to natural conception and pregnancy through IVF, ICSI, IUI and other Assisted Reproductive Techniques.

Motivate: Resolve: Support:

Hypnosis and mind-body techniques can help you:

  • Reduce stress and worry
  • Overcome anxiety: including fears, phobias, panic attacks
  • Address lifestyle factors that may be affecting your fertility: including weight gain/comfort eating, smoking, relationship issues, work pressures…
  • Resolve unconscious resistance or psychological blocks to conception
  • Work through past trauma, miscarriage or loss so you can restore trust in your body and visualise and look forward to a positive future
  • Prepare emotionally and physically for pregnancy and parenthood
  • Prepare for and enhance IVF, ICSI, IUI, DI, GIFT and other Assisted Reproductive Techniques
  • Work through ambivalence or unconscious fear of change related to pregnancy or parenthood (weight gain, relationship issues, affect on career or finances, self-doubt, fear of responsibility…)
  • Reduce the affect of fertility issues on your life
  • Prepare for easier, calmer and more comfortable child-birth
  • Make healthy decisions that feel right for you: including to continue/discontinue fertility treatments, consider other options to parenting such as adoption or egg / sperm / embryo donation…

Moving forward

Hypnotherapy is effective as a treatment to overcome anxiety, worry or limiting beliefs that might be affecting your ability to move forward. The Fertile Body Method offers support if you conceive, if you don’t conceive or assisted fertility treatment fails:

  • Overcome excessive worry when pregnant or as a parent
  • Make decisions about options for parenthood
  • Work through and reach acceptance of permanent infertility so you can visualise, look forward to and experience a positive future
  • Achieve clarity and personal and professional goals
  • Learn self help tools to maintain positive changes you have made

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