Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Orthopathy & Sports Medicine

Orthopathic Medicine: the art and science of restoring normal structure, health and dynamics to the body using physical treatment allied with other adjunctive therapies/approaches that aid the restoration of natural balance and health.

Adjunctive therapies and approaches usually include nutritional advice, lifestyle advice, and other therapeutic systems as appropriate that will help restore health.

Orthopaths are trained in an established physical therapy such as osteopathy, chiropractic, and physiotherapy and have expanded their therapeutic approach to embrace more detailed study and treatment of fascia using a variety of methods including fascial release techniques. Like Osteopathy, Orthopathy treats the Muscloskeletal system. It focuses on the body’s skeleton and joint function along with the surrounding muscles, soft tissue and internal organs.

Sports medicine is an area of health and special services that apply medical and scientific knowledge to prevent, recognise, manage, and rehabilitate injuries related to sport, exercise, or recreational activity.

Whilst Sports Medicine treats athletes and other sporting individuals, it can take the same approach to benefit everyone, including the non-exercising individual. It is especially important to look after young people as they grow and develop whilst playing sports to prevent serious problems later on in life.