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Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition
There are over 9 million gym members in the UK and many take their exercise regime seriously, and try to “eat healthy” to supplement that programme. Many get advice on what to eat from literature or personal trainers, the nub of which is “eat more protein”.
In reality, maximising performance through improved nutrition is much more complex than that and requires a closer interrogation of what proteins, fat and carbohydrate you consume. By eating the right food, you can reach your training goals more efficiently.
Perhaps you are someone who struggles to achieve your goals despite training hard in the gym or playing sports. Or you may be feeling tired or lack energy during training, be struggling to build muscle or lose weight. It is suitable for anyone from gym goers, recreational sports people and athletes. Regardless of the challenges, sports nutrition can assist in feeling more energised can achieving goals you have previously found out of reach.
Prior to the consultation, there will be a preliminary assessment to understand more about your goals and current lifestyle. You will be asked to record your daily food intake for a few days and weekly training schedule before returning for the consultation.
During the consultation, we will analyse your diet and daily lifestyle. We will discuss any changes which you would benefit from, and aim to make it as practical as possible without hindering your daily routine. The advices and changes given are specific to each individual based upon a thorough assessment of diet, exercise and personal goals.

Sports Nutrition
Preliminary assessment (30 minutes)…………£30.00
Initial consultation (60 minutes)…………………£60.00
Follow-up consultations (30 minutes)…………£30.00

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