Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Beth Roberts

I am a compassionate integrative counsellor with experience of working with issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, loss and stress. I have worked in general practice, with young people and with survivors of abuse.


How can I help you?


If we don’t have ownership of our own story this can cause pain and suffering or we may cut ourselves off from our experience entirely. Losing ownership of our story may have been caused by depression, anxiety, a feeling of being lost or a feeling of panic. This in turn may have been caused by trauma, stress, abuse, loss, bullying or other adverse circumstances. If this has happened to you it is not your fault and it is understandable that you need someone to help you work through what has happened and help you move forward. It is a brave thing to try and find your own story and I know it can be done.


My counselling


I offer a safe and confidential space for you to get to the root of what has happened and own your own story. As I am an integrative therapeutic counsellor I have many tools to help you. These are the main principles behind my counselling:


– The answers are within you and I help you find the answers.


– My holistic approach means that we can work on joining awareness of body and mind which benefits wellbeing.


– Our childhood, early life and past relationships shape us. Exploring and coming to terms with our past can be transforming.


– Creativity can be very restorative. I can work with art, stories and objects if suitable.


– As I am also a personal performance coach I can work in a goal orientated way if useful.


I work with adults, young people (16+) and couples.


Integrative counselling

Counselling for trauma

Counselling for infertility, loss and issues around maternity

Creative counselling

Goal orientated counselling

Somatic counselling

Counselling for issues including depression, anxiety, panic and stress

Couples counselling

Relationship counselling


I will be available for appointments on Monday evenings between 5.00pm and 9.00pm


Please telephone the clinic to make an appointment on 01865 751111