Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Dr Denise Barulis

What is a Clinical Psychologist?

Clinical Psychologists are trained to doctoral level in applied psychology. I specialise in working with adults who wish to change. I have treated all types of emotional difficulties over the last 20 years.

Change is organic and so there is always a wider consequence in terms of how our actions affect others. Clinical Psychologists are trained to work with the individual, the group and the system.

Examples of individual work include using CBT to help someone recognise and overcome panic attacks. A group approach could be to work with a staff team and assist them in recognising their resources using psycho-education about stress. A systemic intervention may involve looking at how organisations respond to change and working with managers to reduce risks of staff burnout and sickness absence.

What will we do in individual sessions?

I tend to work with people in a goal-orientated, time-limited style; guided by the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). I am also trained in interpersonal therapy (IPT) which can be a helpful approach when working with depression and social/communication issues. We can develop solution-focused strategies for the future as well as deal with your current challenges.

Who is suitable?

In principle, anyone can be referred for assessment/signposting. People I have worked with in the past have experienced:

  • Anxiety / panic/ stress
  • Depression / despair / confusion
  • Anger / self esteem / loss of confidence
  • Phobias / obsessions / addictions
  • Issues in managing time / pressure / demands
  • Eating distress
  • Losses / bereavement / physical heath problems

What to do next?

The first step is to meet and see how you and I can work together. My contact details are below. It would help us focus if you could bring ideas about what helps you to cope to the 1st session.

NB Clinical Psychologists do not prescribe medication but can liaise with other prescribing doctors if appropriate.


I originally trained as a Nurse in London and then studied Psychology and Counselling as an undergraduate. I completed my Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology at the Queens University Belfast and then practised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I have worked with people who have a wide range of psychological issues as well as those who have had serious mental health problems.

I am particularly interested in workplace wellbeing. I have provided training on how to manage stress to organisations and worked with Occupational Health staff regarding the implementation of ‘Healthy Work’ policies. I am drawn to models of human development which focus on strengths/competencies. I see self-care as an intrinsic part of growth and I am inspired by the psychology of coping and resilience. I am fascinated by people’s own theories of change and enjoy seeing their ideas and mine combine to make real life challenges manageable.


£130 per session (usually 50 minutes).

Please contact the clinic to make an appointment

Tel: 01865 751111