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I can help you with anxiety, depression, OCD, phobias, irrational fears, self-limiting beliefs and defining and achieving goals to fulfil your best hopes.

Using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Brief Therapy and NLP, you can learn to control your thoughts and responses, whatever life throws at you? During our first session I explain how the mind works, and how you can change your unconscious mind. I learn about your current thought patterns and your unwanted actions.

In subsequent sessions, using language, metaphor and Milton’s Model of communications, I help you identify your authentic needs and your specific and achievable goals. Working collaboratively with you, I help you change embedded self-limiting beliefs, traumatic memories and anxieties. Using advanced hypnotic language patterns, developed by Milton Erickson, I support you to create your preferred future.

Having worked with autistic children, I understand the communications and sensory processing issues that those on the spectrum experience. I also work with those suffering from chronic illness looking to pace their energy levels, minimise their experience of pain, reduce anxiety and build a productive life. For those who have experienced childhood trauma and are all ‘talked out’, Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a wonderful way to begin to move forward.

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Hypnotherapy, NLP and Solution Focused Brief Therapy helped me overcome many challenges, and to become my authentic self. So I trained as an NLP Practitioner, a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Solution Focused Brief Therapist. Before starting Sense-Ability, I spent over 25 years in marketing, communications and development in business-to-business, SMEs and independent schools, and was a primary school teacher at Brookland Junior School, Hampstead Garden Suburb for five years.


The best thing about Solution Focused Brief Therapy, is that I don’t dig and delve in to your past; I don’t analyse; I don’t give advice. I am trained to ask specific constructive questions that help you make steady incremental changes towards your preferred future; step by step. It is a thoroughly tried and tested, albeit seemingly counter-intuitive process, that puts you back in charge of your future. There is no need to explore and re-experience the causes of your distress.

During my SFBT training with SFU, I was also tutored by eminent SFBT trainers, Evan George and Chris Iveson. If you want to learn more about SFBT please click on BRIEF.


Using SFH, I help you find solutions to long-standing issues through SF questioning and scaling. The miracle question elicits a vision of a preferred future you would like to achieve. Combining this with hypnotherapy using Milton Erickson’s suggestions (rather than direct instructions), I induce a relaxed and receptive state to access your subconscious but you always stay in control. You can bring yourself out of this deeply relaxed state at any time, similar to the natural trance you fall in to when driving, watching a good film or walking in the country-side.


NLP is a model that explains how we communicate with ourselves and others, and how that communication creates and affects our behaviour. It is a proven process that uses language and visualisation techniques to help you ‘rewire’ your neural pathways. NLP is a synthesis of cognitive and behavioural philosophies which focus on the information coming in through our neurology (cognitive) and the programmes we run inside our heads to produce our behaviours (behavioural) we enact. To find out how effective NLP can be, click here: NLP academic papers


Time Line™ Therapy helps you heal emotional traumas, eliminates unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours quickly. I guide you to elicit your internal time line where your past, present and future are mapped within your subconscious. There is no need to disclose or re-experience negative experiences or to disclose them to me.


I trained with Inspire 360 as an NLP Practitioner and Coach. In 2018, I gained an International Certificate in Solutions Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) from the Solutions Focused University, Texas with Elliott Connie. Having completed my Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH),  and registered with the AfSFH. I am now working for my second Diploma. My teacher training and classroom experience, study skills knowledge, communications and storytelling skills complement professional training. I have a degree in English, Drama & Theatre Studies from Royal Holloway College and a PGCE in KS2/3 from Homerton College, Cambridge University. I am governed by strict ethical guidelines.


Please email me at to arrange your free consultation, for an informal chat, or book your free session with the Wellbeing Clinic in Headington. This enables me to plan our session and to ensure you have all the correct forms before we meet.



  • Initial consultation ARE JUST £30
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours are charged at £15. This is to cover the cost of the room
  • I charge an additional £15 per session to visit your home if within the Oxford area
  • Stop Smoking Sessions are two hours; and cost £120.
  • I am fully DBS checked but request that parents are present for children under 14 and write a written consent form for all children under 18.
  • I am GDPR compliant and my privacy policy and data protection policy, can be found on every page of my website


I cannot diagnose or cure conditions. I provide complementary support services. If you are under the supervision of a medical professional, please discuss with them whether my services are appropriate for you


“You have made more difference in 20 days than the NHS has in 5 years.” Recent client

“The results do feel magical but were explained in an accessible and scientific way. Jane’s manner and approach with our daughter was just right – understanding and positive – with a focus on improvement. I would have no qualms in recommending her.” Mother of 16 year old girl

“I have found the goal setting exercise a fascinating experience and it has changed my perception of this practice. Every time I read my goal out loud I can literally feel the emotions of the experience I’m reading, which for me is a new step as I am highly audio digital, logical and analytical and normally find getting in touch with my emotions difficult. Thank you so much Jane.” Blair

“I would highly recommend Jane to anyone wanting to improve a skill or remove an emotional block” Sarah C

“Initially, I was nervous and sceptical about the hypnotherapy but Jane made the whole experience very nice, relaxed and efficient” Natalia

“I found Jane really helpful. Her ability to tailor her approach to my needs really gave me confidence in what we could achieve together and during the hypnosis I felt deeply relaxed. It has really made a difference to my life” Tanya


Jane is available for appointments at The Wellbeing Clinic on Wednesdays. To make an appointment with her please contact the clinic on 01865 751111 or by emailing, You can also book online now Or get in touch with me directly.

Jane Pendry, NLP Practitioner & Coach Sense-Ability

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