Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Jay Aggett

While she had qualified as a masseuse in 1987, Jay came to holistic therapy by chance in 1997 with Reiki, and felt it was so profound that she progressed to Reiki Master by 2000. Again by chance, she began her journey with crystals, obtaining her Diploma with the International College of Crystal Healing in 2002. She also runs an ACHO accredited school to teach both therapies. Having experienced Cranio Sacral Therapy, she was so impressed she wanted to be able to practise it herself, and qualified in 2012 from the College of Cranio Sacral Therapy.

Jay is in awe of how vibrational healing can reach the parts of our system that are difficult to access and how it focuses on reaching the causes of problems and not just the symptoms. For her, the bottom line is that our bodies and energy fields hold on to everything that happens to us, and sometimes find it difficult to let go of the impacts those things may have. Over time, especially if we suffer repeated trauma, these areas become more blocked and heavy and often manifest later in a negative way, for instance anger, phobias, mental or physical health issues and addictions.

In her years of practice Jay has seen clients with a wide variety of conditions, including depression, PTSD, strokes, heart conditions, MS, psoriasis and arthritis, to name but a few. She finds it both fascinating and uplifting to see and hear about changes in her clients, sometimes after only a session or two.

Both Reiki and Cranio Sacral Therapy are given using a hands-on approach; however they can be given with the hands off the body if the client needs them to be.


Reiki translates as ‘universal energy’. It works at the deepest level, by flowing through the hands of the practitioner and into the energetic field of the recipient. There, it is taken wherever and however it is needed most, finding tension, blockages of energy and areas where dis-ease is held and working to bring about harmony to the person receiving it.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals hold vibrational frequencies that resonate with our own and may help us to find a balance in our lives. By tuning in to the client, Jay finds out what their system needs most and then gets a feel for which crystals will best work at that time. In this way, the client receives only the treatment that is most appropriate for them at that moment. Crystals are then placed on or around the body and monitored throughout ensuring maximum safety and comfort for her client.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

CST is a gentle, non-invasive practice that reaches deep within the body, connecting with every part of us including bones, fascia, organs and fluids. It is based upon the motion and rhythms of the cerebro-spinal fluid that surround the brain and spine yet influence the whole body’s system, including the central nervous system.

Connections can be made to the subtlest sensations that may hold the keys to many things, such as tension, blockages, illness, behavioural or addictive patterns and old injuries. CST gives the body the freedom to respond and heal in the way it wants to. It is a very rewarding therapy, and the gentler the treatment the more powerful it seems to be. Many people find themselves drawn to CST when their issues haven’t been resolved through other means.




90 mins – £65

1 hour – £45

Crystal Therapy

If booking for a Friday appointment please book by 12pm on that day.

90 mins – £70

1 hour – £50

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

90 mins – £70

1 hour – £50


If you are booking an appointment for a Friday online please allow 2 hours notice and half an hour for a Saturday to allow my travel to the clinic.

Jay is available on Fridays and alternative Saturdays.

Please contact the clinic to make an appointment

Tel: 01865 751111