Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Kendra Kirkham

Deep-tissue massage and clinical aromatherapy / aromatherapy / massage/ massage for pregnancy

Kendra has had a long association with the Wellbeing clinic from its inception.With a background in community work, Kendra began her aromatherapy career in the early 90’s as an aroma therapist specializing in special needs of the elderly in the community.
Kendra’s initial aromatherapy training was strongly clinically based and blessed with a variety of aromatherapy, therapeutic and medical / NHS teachers in specialized fields including cancer and pregnancy, strong emphasis was on both the clinical applications and chemistry of essential oils.

Feeling moved to explore more holistic applications; she took further studies in traditional modalities including exploring a variety of bodywork / massage applications and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) diagnostic techniques and acupressure.

Kendra has run post-graduate courses where her aim is always to communicate the importance of a high level of clinical expertise combined with a fully acknowledged awareness of energetic healing and intuitive touch and currently runs workshops at the clinic in essential oils and massage for lay people (No qualification but a certificate of attendance and you will leave with the ability to perform a safe and excellent massage on friends and family) Also great for brushing up massage skills and helping confidence to professionals who have been out of the business for a while)

Kendra has contributed many articles on aromatherapy and massage to a variety of publications including the International Journal of Aromatherapy and Aromatherapy Today.

Kendra is also co-founder of Cropwatch, the Independent Watchdog for natural botanical materials which can be found at and keen to be part of helping to raise standards for the profession Kendra has held a variety of positions on professional committees including sitting on the Safety & Ethics committee for Aromatics in Action.

Kendra will use whichever of her skills fits the need of a particular client. This may include deep-tissue massage (for which she is known) using specialist techniques, sports-related injuries, Back pain and aching ojints and muscles, massage for emotional trauma, for specific ailments, pregnancy etc. and will often incorporate the use of particular therapeutic carrier oils and / or the highest quality essential oils for maximum benefit.

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