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Sarah Couchman



ND BSc D.O. Registered General Naturopathic Council (GNC)


Naturopath Diploma –London College of Natural Medicine & Health Sciences (LCNM)

BSc Osteopathy – Oxford Brookes University

D.O.Osteopathy – Oxford Brookes University

Diploma – Advanced Remedial Massage – Northern Institute of Massage

Diploma – Sports Therapy – Northern Institute of Massage

Insurance – Balens Indemnity insured

British Complementary Medical Association (BCMA) Number PO5314

Enhanced CRB Checked. First Aid Certified


With 25 years’ clinical experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal/structural and nutritional health complaints, Sarah has an aptitude for resolving both common and more deep-rooted issues.

Delivering a unique combination of spinal and systemic health care Sarah sees clients with long-standing pain ranging from back, neck pain to postural, sports injuries and weight issues.

Sarah originally trained in Osteopathic Medicine and Sports Therapy before continuing her professional training with the London School of Natural Medicine (LCNM) in Naturopathy.  Sarah specializes in promoting optimum health for all age ranges. Using specific holistic diagnostic skills and protocols such as; Celloid mineral assessment and bio-typing.

My role is to get you back to a fully functional life, absent of discomfort, pain and restriction. By delivering long-term resolution and an effective, practical route to optimum health and wellbeing’.


“I have been a client of Sarah’s (as had my husband and children) for the last 6 years and I cannot recommend her enough. She has amazing empathy with her clients and is very thorough and professional in her approach. She has a perfect ability to sense what is going on in your body and can find the point of issue in an instant. Her ability to solve and deal with issues is brilliant and this ranges from the physical to the nutritional. We have never come away from a consultation without having felt the benefits of the session in a major way!” J Parnell hired Sarah as a Sports Injuries Consultant Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

J Paldan “I hired Sarah Couchman to provide supplemental health services for our employees. Sarah’s work has been second-to-none and has helped our staff feel better and as a result, be more productive. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

She has consulted on best practises for our working environment, such as correct heights for monitors, chair height, etc. She also has given us health assessments with tips for eating better as a whole, and snack wise while at work (we all have boxes of yummy fruits and nuts on our desks). Sarah has a unique way of making individuals (or entire companies, like ours) perform to their best.”

Case Studies :

Case study A – male, 35, shoulder injury

Balancing busy work life with a young family, client A found himself ramping up the intensity of his gym workouts in an attempt to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time. Without giving himself enough time to adequately stretch, he inevitably injured his shoulder while lifting weights. Failing to give himself enough time to rest and recuperate, he continued to work out until the pain became too much.

Client A visited The Oxford Naturopath and over the course of two sessions was able to resolve the structural complaint. During a follow-up, she also helped him to create a nutrition plan that would optimise his health and help him return to healthy, pain-free strength training.

Case study B – female, student, stress and back pain

With a tonne of academic stress on her shoulders, Client B suffered from persistent back pain, lack of motivation and problems with her digestion. She needed support in adopting a natural lifestyle which would increase energy and mental clarity with no side effects that would inhibit her ability to study.

The Oxford Naturopath formulated a bespoke plan to help the client optimise her diet and fitness regime, improved her client’s back strength, giving her an overall physical and mental boost.

What will your success story be?

Whether it’s diet and nutrition issues, persistent pain or a combination of both, the Oxford Naturopath can create a personalised programme to optimise your health. Contact us today to book your first step towards a healthier you.


Naturopathy first appointment 90 minutes £180 (including pre-assessment of the questionnaire and follow up report) for Naturopathic Health Questionnaire please call or email the clinic.

Follow-up Naturopathy Appointments 30 minutes £50

Information on allergy testing Please go to York testing to order allergy kits

Muscular Skeletal Manipulation/Sports Therapy first appointment 60 minutes £70

Follow up Appointments 30 minutes £50 

Sports massage (also realigning the structure to avoid further aches & pains and  long-term injury) £70 for 60 minutes/£50 for 30 minutes


As of the 20th June, Sarah’s appointment availability will move from Thursday afternoons to Saturday mornings only 10am-1: 00 pm (For urgent weekday appointments please call the clinic during the week for confirmation of availabilities.

Normal appointment times will continue Thursdays 2.00pm-5:30 pm and Saturdays from 10-2pm up to the 20th June 2019.

All follow up appointment for Naturopathy and sports/ musculoskeletal treatments will be half hour from 20th June 2019 onwards.

To make an appointment please contact the clinic Tel: 01865 751111 or email: