Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Sharmila Kaduskar

Sharmila Kaduskar

M.A. UKCP, Reiki Master

A very warm welcome to you

If you are reading this page the chances are you are seeking some help or support, either for yourself or for someone you know.


I will help you with your journey if I can.


I believe that despite our apparent differences and diverse life experiences we are all essentially struggling with similar issues; our early wounding or trauma and a yearning for what we need. Often we feel that these experiences are limiting our lives and how we relate to others, but are unable to overcome the anxiety, depression, trauma, grief or anger by ourselves; we cannot simply tell ourselves to ‘get over it’…


If you are experiencing:


  • anxiety
  • burnout
  • corporate & work related issues
  • depression
  • grief & bereavement
  • stress
  • trauma


or would like to explore your resilience, relationships or to search for meaning and joy please contact me 07478 011305.


I am a qualified Integrative Psychosynthesis counsellor and qualified UKCP registered Psychotherapist.  This means I am qualified to do the work I do, and that I work to the ethical standards set out by UKCP.  I am also a Reiki Master and senior mental health policy specialist. I am increasing drawing on my experiences with horses and their ability to teach us how to come back into relationship with ourselves and others.


We will work together to explore the nature of the issues you bring and help you to release yourself from their power or to accept their place in your life.  You may not know exactly what is troubling you; some people are simply aware that they are unsatisfied or unhappy.  Together we will listen for your quiet inner voice and together we will interpret its message.


I work using a variety of methods including actively listening to, and sitting with, what you bring. Sometimes I use art or story to help our understanding that others too have felt like this.  Sometimes in therapy we cry or rage, we may be anxious or quiet, we may even laugh!  All emotions have a place and are welcome.  Please bring them.


My experience of working with and besides horses has taught me that all emotions have a place and that by attending to what we need in the moment, we free the other to do the same.  Happy healthy horses do not hold onto their tension, but support each other to release and let go, inviting us towards greater intimacy whilst reminding us of our boundaries.


My role may be to accompany you, to support you and to sit with you, perhaps drawing your attention to small unnoticed blossoming, at times it may be to challenge you and engage in the struggle with you so that hopefully you feel seen and met.


If you would like to come along for an introductory meeting we will discuss:


  • What it is that is troubling you
  • Practicalities including cancelling sessions and taking breaks
  • My commitment to ethical practice and your confidentiality


I charge £60 – £70 for a 50 minute psychotherapy session and £40 for an introductory meeting.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss your specific requirements or make an appointment.


My email address is:

My phone number is: 07478 011305, please feel free to text or phone



How do I know about the world?

By what is within me.

(Cited in Grace Unfolding 1991 Johanson and Kurtz)