Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Sharmila Kaduskar

A very warm welcome to you

If you are reading this page the chances are you are seeking some help or support, either for yourself or for someone you know.


I will help you with your journey if I can.


I believe that despite our apparent differences and diverse life experiences we are all essentially struggling with similar issues; our early wounding or trauma and a yearning for what we need. Often we feel that these experiences are limiting our lives and how we relate to others, but are unable to overcome the anxiety, depression, trauma, grief or anger by ourselves; we cannot simply tell ourselves to ‘get over it’…


If you are experiencing:


  • anxiety
  • burnout
  • corporate & work related issues
  • depression
  • grief & bereavement
  • stress
  • trauma


or would like to explore your resilience, relationships or to search for meaning and joy please contact me 07478 011305.


I am a qualified integrative psychosynthesis counsellor, UKCP registered psychotherapist and Reiki Master.  This means I am qualified to do the work I do, and that I work to the ethical standards set out by UKCP.


I offer four treatments at the clinic: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Reiki and Immersion Reiki.




In a typical counselling session we will focus on the one or two issues you bring, it might be a wish to change job, to grieve a loss, or to mend a relationship.  We will focus on practical steps you can take to achieve your aim.  I draw on creative methods such as dream work, body work and art work, as well as the theory of change and simple CBT techniques.  I will support you to create simple manageable goals that will help you to achieve your aim



Clients who choose psychotherapy often wish to address multiple issues in their life as well as an underlying anxiety, depression or trauma.  They are often seeking to change how they experience their world and relationships and can easily recognise that they are not thriving or enjoying their life as they might. Often people are worried about how they feel, but all emotions have a place in therapy, please bring them; joy, rage, sadness, they are all important, we may even laugh!   In psychotherapy sessions I will support you to look at the issues you bring, and to either accept their place in your life or to make the necessary changes to enable you to live as fully and joyfully as you can.



As a Reiki healer I can support your healing by acting as a conduit between the universal life energy and you.  Reiki is a hands on technique that promotes relaxation, through which you may release unnecessary tension.  You may feel a range of emotions and sensations, from calm, relaxed, sad, tired, happy or cleansed to light, hot, cold or melding into your surroundings.  No-one can really explain Reiki, but those who have experienced it (particularly those who have a few sessions) usually report profound changes.


Immersion Reiki

I have had lots of experience of offering counselling, psychotherapy and reiki to clients as separate session, and I would now like to combine these treatments for optimum healing.  I sometimes think that when a reiki session ends it would be useful for clients to have some extra time to talk about what happened and to process their experience.  I am therefore offering a new Immersion Reiki session which does just that – it allows the time you need to fully immerse yourself in reiki healing energy and then some extra time to process with me, what this means for your life.


Due to ethical considerations I cannot offer reiki or immersion reiki session to existing or recently completed counselling or psychotherapy clients.  If you are such a client and would like to try reiki please book in with one of the other reiki healers at the clinic and, if you wish, also book a counselling session with me in which to process what happened for you.


All introductory meetings are slightly reduced in price to accommodate the time we will take on practical considerations such as GDPR regulations and agreeing the way in which we will work.


Please contact me if you would like to discuss your specific requirements or make an appointment.


You can find further information about counselling and psychotherapy on my my website:


My email address is:


My phone number is: 07478 011305, please feel free to text or phone


All good wishes,



How do I know about the world?

By what is within me.

(Cited in Grace Unfolding 1991 Johanson and Kurtz)