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Welcome Veronika Kim

We would like to warmly welcome Veronika Kim to the Wellbeing Clinic team.

Veronika Kim  is a Craniosacral Therapist and a One to One Pilates teacher

Over the years, she’s had the pleasure of helping many people from many walks of lives with very different needs from babies with colic to work-related stress symptoms; from back pain to fatigue to chronic problems; to supporting people with degenerative illnesses like Parkinson’s and palliative support.

After the sessions, her clients have reported health and well-being improvements with for example sensations of deep relaxation, improved sleep, feeling energised, and even comments of feeling whole again.

‘When  I became a mother over ten years ago, my life entered a whole new dimension, the world of babies which has taken me on a whole new professional journey of pre and perinatal psychology which I have incorporated into my practice. Thus deepening my expertise in working with babies- mother and babies. Movement, creativity, expression and wellbeing are important aspects of my professional approach to working with my clients. Movement as an expressive tool in all its potential, to movement as a therapeutic key, as in Pilates, to movement in its most subtle form in Craniosacral therapy- or the lack of it for instance in the case of blockages.My professional career started off as a mime artist where the subtlety of movement was everything. It was following an injury that I decided to take my passion of movements down a therapeutic healing route. Firstly I went on to study Pilates and graduated more than ten years ago in Pilates Foundation UK a preferred Pilates Body by the NHS; with a post-graduate in ante-natal and post-natal Pilates. Then I went on to Craniosacral Therapy at the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London’. (Veronika Kim)


Veronika is available for appointments at The Wellbeing Clinic on Thursdays.To make an appointment with her please book online or contact the clinic on 01865 751111 or by email:

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