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Vitamin D – The sunshine pill!

According to an NHS review (published in the British Medical Journal 2016) on the effects of supplementing with Vitamin D, it found the Vitamin is not necessarily beneficial for all sectors of society. Further-more the use of Vitamin D supplements has not been proven to make a big a difference outside of those groups considered more vulnerable. However we cannot ignore the fact that a growing computer generation spend less time outdoors and large sectors of the population eat processed non-nutritious foods.

Typical symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are​: Fatigue, Tiredness, Back pain, Bone loss, hair loss, muscle pain. Please note some of these symptoms are multi-complex and could be something other than Vitamin D deficiency.

Groups who benefit most: The report goes on to suggest that those who benefit more than others from Vitamin D supplements are likely to be Elderly, African, Afro-Caribbean and South Asian groups. Those with darker skins may not get enough Vitamin D from sunlight during the year and should consider taking Vitamin D with Calcium all year round.

Treatment: The general advice (especially for the above groups) is to eat a well balanced diet which includes: Fatty fish, like mackerel and salmon. Beef, liver, cheese and egg yolks. Also foods fortified with vitamin D, like some dairy products, orange juice, soy milk and cereals.

In Summary: Getting out in the sunlight, whenever possible especially during winter months is always beneficial the more north you live the greater the need. Remember changes in environments, food habits during winter months can also have an impact so adjust to your own personal circumstances.
Most health experts agree that those at high risk of low Vitamin D levels would benefit from taking Vitamin D supplements.
For more information about the right supplements for you or a healthier diet tailored to your needs contact our registered Naturopath.

For more advice contact: Sarah Couchman ND BSc Registered Naturopath – The Wellbeing Clinic Headington Oxford Tel: 01865 751111

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