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Welcome back Silvie!

We would like to warmly welcome Silvie Hylton-Potts back to the Wellbeing Clinic.

Silvie has worked as a professional therapist since 2004, in both private practice and for companies such as the BBC, Morgan Stanley, Holmes Place, Oxfam and Cannons gyms. She has recently spent six months working in a holistic community in Thailand. Patients come to see Silvie with a variety of conditions, including back pain, digestive disorders, emotional complaints, endocrine disorders, headaches/migraines, menstrual problems, musculo-skeletal conditions, tension, trauma and whiplash.

Silvie’s personal style is extremely gentle and sensitive: she uses her hands and intuition to follow what the person needs most at that time, being guided primarily by the body’s own innate wisdom and self healing/correcting ability.

An experience of chronic illness as a teenager led to an early interest and exploration of natural ways of alleviating illness and creating optimum health. Through receiving Zen Shiatsu and Cranio Sacral Therapy treatments, Silvie was able to experience the huge benefits of natural energy medicine and therapeutic touch for herself. Her passion and fascination for complementary medicine led to her decision to pursue this path as a career.


Silvie will be working Thursday evenings.

To book an appointment with Silvie please call the clinic on 01865 751111 or book through our online system.

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