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Welcome Edit Fahey

The Wellbeing clinic would like to welcome Edit Fahey to the team.

Originally a psychologist Edit developed an interest in complementary medicine and in the oriental approach that provides a unifying and dynamic view of the body-mind,where mental processes are not considered to be distinct and separate from physical events.She graduated in London at the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy in 1995 and practices Aromatherapy according to Chinese Medicine and therapeutic Acupressure massage.Her approach places an emphasis on the mutual relationship between the psychological,emotional and physiological components of the “dis-ease”.

By releasing tension and restoring a feeling of well being in the body through massage, we can break free from physical patterns of response associated with stress and regain the ability to respond to our challenges in a more creative and adaptive way. The use of essential oils further facilitate this process,as among other properties the essential oils through the olfactory nerves affect the most primitive part of the brain, the limbic system, and by reaching so deeply into the psyche they can relax the mind and uplift the spirit.

Edit works in clinic on Thursday afternoons.

Please call us on 01865 751111 to book an appointment or you can book online. 


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