Complementary therapy clinic in Oxford

Welcome Nilam Limbu

The Wellbeing clinic would like to welcome Nilam to the team.

Nilam is a qualified Beauty Therapist with one of the highest qualifications in Beauty Level 2 and level 3 CIBTAC with specialisation in Massage and Facial therapy. She trained for 2 years for CIBTAC qualifications in Oxford International College of Beauty.

Her speciality is Body Massage and also Swedish massage which helps your body to relax,increases blood circulation,improves lymphatic drainage which ultimately helps with mild headaches, migraines and stress.

Nilam also practises deep tissue massage which really works to get the tight muscles to loosen up and help to relax the strains and tension in them using a very rhythmic flow and stretching techniques.This is especially useful for people who are sitting at a desk all day and those with more physically demanding jobs.

Nilam also practises facial therapy and can consult on your skin problems and do deep skin analysis.

Nilam works on Monday afternoons in the clinic.

Please call 01865 751111 to book an appointment with Nilam or book online.


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