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What are the Causes of ‘Allergies’ and why Health Kinesiology can help?

Did you know that Health Kinesiology can blindly ‘put a finger on’, and ‘fix’ a substance sensitivity, a culprit of a symptom commonly not identified as or being linked with ‘allergic’ reaction?
How is it done?
Firstly by identifying then retuning the body to the state of stasis with the substance as a trigger, thus enabling the body to cope with the offending substance in the appropriate way.
In Health Kinesiology we encourage the detoxifying mechanism and self-healing abilities. It has been done and it works!
‘Intolerance’ issues can cause a myriad of symptoms, triggered by either food or environmental sensitivities.
Health Kinesiology has its way with finding the root causes which can reveal the problem with a particular sensitivity. These are some of the unusual examples of sensitivities:
• Ear pain – caused by Putting pencil behind ears
• Night cough – caused by Wheat and fresh wall paint
• Anxiety/ Depression – caused by detergent on clothes
• Dizziness and inability to concentrate – caused by fluorescent lights
These are some other symptoms which can be caused by allergies:
• Respiratory problems , Sore throats, Chronic cough, Frequent colds
• Eye irritation
• Fatigue, Dizziness, Memory lapses
• Depression, Anxiety, Mental fogginess
• Muscle aches and pains, Arthritis
• Digestive problems, Weight Gain

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