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“You are as young as you care to be” by Sarah Couchman

Consider this –If you value your body and want to maintain optimum function for as long as you can, give yourself peace of mind. A full body check-up, which will realign and fix any ongoing problem may just be the answer.  

“You are as young as you care to be”

My job is to assess and maintain the neutral position of your joints, actions and overall function. Restore muscles and ligament alignment. So consider optimising your postural alignment, free yourself from the merry go round of pain, repeated injuries, and early wear and tear?

Case study a- male, 35, shoulder injury

Client A, found himself balancing a busy work life with a young family, ramping up the intensity of his gym workouts over shorter periods’ of time. This left him with little time for recovery, what followed was an inevitable injury to his shoulder whilst lifting weights. Over the course of two sessions, I had completely relieved his shoulder pain.  

However, this was more than just fixing a problem. Client A, realised he would need more help if he wanted to continue working out and lead a healthy full life. 

We discussed the analogy of the car and that he would need to invest in professional maintenance of his whole body if he wanted to continue to use it like a car. I advised him to look at a quarterly maintenance program. This way I could see a problem before it became chronic, which avoided him falling into the trap of future problems. 

“I work on a simple principle, which is; if you resolve problems before they become chronic its not only more efficient and cost effective in the long run, but you get to live life to the full” Contact Sarah Couchman today at The Wellbeing Clinic on 01865 751111.

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